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We have published a white paper and a number of articles that address many of the problems faced by agents when dealing with certificates. Formerly only available to Big "I" member agencies and paid VU subscribers, this paper and related resources are now being made available to everyone with an interest in issues involving certificates of insurance. Below are links to the white paper and related information, including an excellent "best practices" white paper from our Texas association and a podcast on certificates of insurance. In addition, you'll find information about a new webinar on certificates.
Note: The following articles may link to some resources that are available only to Big "I" member agencies or paid VU subscribers.
You will find more certificate-related articles by logging in the VU and searching for "certificates." If you work for a Big "I" member agency and don't know your unique login, email

Last Updated:  January 18, 2011


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Revised: February 2012