Certificates of Insurance Q&A

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Bill Wilson

Since the publication of our white paper, "Certificates of Insurance: Issues and Answers," we have received a number of questions of general interest regarding certificates. In addition, our 2009 webinar, "Certificates of Insurance...Or How I Got a Job in the Prison Laundry," generated still more questions, as did our 2010 on certificate changes. These FAQs and Q&As are presented below. 

Since the original publication of our white paper, we have conducted numerous seminars and webinars on certificates of insurance and related issues. During that time, principally from our webinars, we have compiled over 100 certificate questions and answers. In order to more efficiently maintain this Q&A section, we have compiled all of these questions and answers into a PDF document that we updated as needed. Below is a link to that document.
  • Click here for Q&A from our 2009-2010 webinars
    "101 Questions and Answers About Certificates of Insurance"
  • To access the 2009 two-hour webinar on certificates and related issues with Bill Wilson and Stuart Powell, click here.
  • To access the 2010 one-hour webinar on certificate changes with Bill Wilson and Bill Perkins, click here.
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Revised: February 2012