Ease the Way with TravPay!
New pay-as-you-go billing option now available for BIM workers' compensation.


Please join Claire Conrad, from Travelers Select, and Big "I" Markets' Tom Spires, on August 28th at 1:00 ET, for a webinar discussing the benefits and logistics of the TravPay for workers' compensation billing option.  

What Is TravPay?

Travelers is a leader in the Commercial Insurance marketplace. We understand the needs of business owners and are committed to providing best in class billing solutions for our customers. The TravPay pay-as-you-go billing option provides business owners with an important option to better manage their cash flow during their daily operations.

Traditional workers compensation policies require the business owner to estimate their annual payroll and then pay installments throughout the year. TravPay allows business owners to pay their workers compensation premiums in real-time as they run their payrolls, ensuring that they pay exactly what they owe after each pay-period. TravPay requires no down payment as it allows business owners to pay their workers compensation insurance as they go. No more trying to estimate annual payrolls at the beginning of each year or audit surprises at the end of the year!

For more information on TravPay click here (FAQs / Ad Sheet) or post a message in your client's Quote Detail on Big "I" Markets. The Travelers Workers Compensation product on Big "I" Markets is currently available to members in all states except AK, CO, DE, HI, MA, ND, NM, OH, PA, WA & WY.

(Product availability varies by state.)